Dark Souls 3 Mobile Spinoff ‘Slashy Souls’ Is Out Now – GS News Update

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Namco Bandai release a free endless-runner spinoff of Dark Souls 3 for iOS and Android devices which promises “no instructions, just death.”

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43 Comments on Dark Souls 3 Mobile Spinoff ‘Slashy Souls’ Is Out Now – GS News Update

  1. They must have liked what Fallout Shelter did for Bethesda, and thought they'd do the same; though, this really isn't the type of game that will make people excited for Ds3. Most souls fans probably think mobile gaming is cancer anyways haha

  2. I honestly don't see why this was necessary. It's neither hyping people up for Dark Souls 3 or interesting anyone else in the series.

    It's just a blemish against the series that everyone will strive to forget was ever released.

  3. "Got a brutal response."
    It got that because its terrible, not because its hard…. This is awful, what is video games? COD and AC can put out mobile shit, that's fine they're both over-saturated and casual regardless.

    But Dark Souls? I never thought we would reach a low as low as this……………………

  4. this game is really bad and i really wanted to say it was good. it's just awful.

    they should have made the gameplay like "sword of xolan" and the game could have been a success.

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