CurveBall VR Trailer

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Trailer for the free VR game –CurveBall VR– for iOS and Android!


CurveBall VR is an arcade style, pong-like 3D game which is best played with a VR viewer such as Google Cardboard. Earn points by getting the ball past your opponent, having long volleys, and spinning the ball as much as you can. With each point, your level bar fills up. With each increase in level comes a huge increase in points, but also a massive increase in difficulty! Are you ready?!

CurveBall VR is also great for those without a Google Cardboard viewer. Just hit the VR mode toggle arrow in the upper right corner to switch between modes. In non-VR mode, continue to aim with your cursor and click by tapping anywhere on the screen.

CurveBall VR also has multiplayer over your wifi! With your friend, connect to the same wifi network. Have one player his “host”…

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