Cosmic Trip: VR RTS gameplay on the HTC Vive

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Cosmic Trip is a sci-fi RTS game for the HTC Vive VR HMD. Command your base and army from a first person perspective.

Cosmic Trip is very early access, only a small portion of the game is currently available, but it has many standard RTS gameplay elements like building a base, training troops, collecting resources, and expanding. You command your base and army from a first person perspective, placing your buildings with your controller and tossing around your units to position them. You can even join in on the defense of your base by throwing discs, meleeing, or manning a defensive turret.

For now the game only has the very basics. A worker unit for collecting resources, and a fighting unit for defending your base. You can build a refinery to process minerals, and production building for training units, and a defensive turret. As the game is developed further there will be more units, more buildings, and a new mode called “Strategy”. The current mode is called “Survival” and it…

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  1. This is easily one of the most polished VR games on Steam, alongside The Lab, or Final Approach, or the bundled games that come with the Vive. I was genuinely blown away after all of the other indie VR games I've played. The only thing it's lacking is content, and I can't wait for it to come soon!´╗┐

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