Cool Android Marshmallow Tips and Tricks – System UI Tuner (no root!)

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Got Android Marshmallow?

Want a battery percentage indicator… and the ability to customise quick settings without rooting?

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So when you swipe down from the top of the screen you get quite a few quick settings you’re never likely to use.

Well with Android 6.0 Marshmallow you can now customise these by long pressing on the cog until it starts spinning.

Let go and a message will confirm System UI tuner has been added to your settings. And it will appear right here at the bottom so let’s go check it out.

System UI Tuner does advertise itself as experimental but as we’re adventurous types let’s start by showing the embedded battery percentage which will add numbers to the battery meter in the status bar.

We’ve been asking for that for years and now we finally have. Hurrah.

Next up is a little bonus I didn’t mention earlier. The…

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  1. helpful…yes, sort of. really just one tip honestly. secondly I'm not a fan of the MASSIVE amount of unrelated content displayed to the left and right of the phone. distracting and unenjoyable.

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