Computex 2016 Predictions: Internet of Things, 3D Printers and More

The technology companies are preparing for the annual grand Computex TAIPEI event held in Taiwan from today, May 31 to June 4, 2016. Many big companies such as Nvidia, AMD, and others are going to unveil loads of their future devices at the event.

Vendor or hardware manufacturers such as Intel and AMD will unveil their latest chip technology. While Nvidia, ARM will showcase new technologies in the graphics card category.

Backpack PCs

Not only will we have laptops and PCs but also a PC that has a similar strap carrying bag that can be taken anywhere the user goes. At the Computex 2016 event, some vendors such as MSI, Zotac and HP are expected to unveil backpack PCs.


3D printer

At CES, a 3D printer named Da Vinci XYZ Mini was revealed which offers advantages in terms of either price or quality. In the event Computex this year, it is expected to appear 3D printers that will offer higher quality and lower price at the same time.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Computex, this year, is said to be pushing the technology of IoT. Speakers such as Andrew Seggars, CEO of ARM and Rahul Patel from Qualcomm seem to be related to the development of IoT highlights.


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