Completely disable iOS animations – no jailbreak needed!

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By using a handy Assistive Touch glitch, you can completely disable iOS 9’s SpringBoard animations. This lends the perception of a faster iPhone. Watch and see how. Credit goes to vista980622 for the original discovery: Read our full post on 9to5Mac:

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36 Comments on Completely disable iOS animations – no jailbreak needed!

  1. Unfortunately this does not work on iOS 9.3.2
    I have both an iPhone and iPad, they were both running 9.2.2. Both worked with this glitch.
    iPad (sadly) updated to 9.3.2 automatically, now it does not work anymore. My iPhone is still running 9.2.2 and I can repeat this glitch over and over again.
    Update: My iPhone autmatically installed 9.3.1, it still works there.

  2. 9.3.2 just updated and so far no go. Can't replicate it. Lemme know if any success. I've had this for quite a while and the difference is insane. Not sure I can keep going without it haha

  3. Can someone please tell me how to prevent our phones from getting in this bug , like i do not want this to happen this to my phone , i like animations and suddenly coincidence brings this problem to my phone , will switching assistive touch and rebooting help ?, please temme

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