Colorware makes super exclusive iPhone 7 Plus Retro, costs $1899

Colorware makes super exclusive iPhone 7 Plus Retro, costs $1899

With the authorization of Apple, a custom paint job-related company called Colorware is going to produce a super exclusive and super expensive version of the iPhone 7 Plus. Dubbed the Retro, of course it will cost $1899.

colorware makes iPhone 7plus retro


Obviously, the paint job of the iPhone 7 Plus Retro will look different from the normal iPhone. The back of the phone will have the same Apple logo but in the rainbow color. While the full recoat of the back will be colored with a beige paint. There will also be dark beige stripes on the sides of the phone. This color design is the complete reflection of the retro 1984 original Macintosh.

The front side of the phone will be black colored. This smartphone comes with 256GB of storage with no SIM card and is carrier unlocked. iPhone 7 Plus Retro will be in a limited edition. Also, the first 25 phones will be numbered.

colorware makes iPhone 7 plus retro

There is no info yet as to when this exclusive smartphone will be unveiled. Though it will ship within 2-3 weeks when it is.


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