CNET Update – Why lines for a new iPhone aren’t as long this time around

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The line at New York City’s flagship Apple store for the new iPhone 6S was much shorter than it was in previous iPhone launches. CNET’s Bridget Carey looks at why and the impact of new carrier plans.

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  1. What losers…get a life! Apple products are over priced and the crap is made in China at foxcom. foxcom is a sweat shop that slaves over 100,000 poor people. They have over 25 people a day commit suicide. .

  2. when new android phones drop, nobody is lined up outside of att verizon sprint tmobile pageplus metroPCS bestbuy walmart target….or even a google store. More than likely when the phone launches it may not even launch for your carrier, OR one carrier might have a so called exclusive version

  3. There definitely isn't large groups jumping to android, if there was you'd see lines of people on launch days for new galaxy S phones but you don't cuz when android release barely anyone notices or knows a new model came out until many months later and some people actually started buying them

  4. It's sad we celebrate these things…people are such sheep. Well that's good for me tho because I'm selling replacement iPhone screens as a business and my wallet is sure cheering more than these people. Who knew you can get rich off of iPhone screens.

  5. The reason the lines are so short than last year's is because iPhone 6S is the exact same phone from last year which is why people didn't want to stand in line for another S model. 2014's line was super long since the iPhone 6 (NO S) was a bigger improvement with its design & screen size (Plus).

    Wish the S models never existed, iPhone 6 was already a great name but oh well… 2016—> iPhone 7 than vice versa.

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