CNET Update – TAG Heuer’s $1,500 luxury smartwatch isn’t so special

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The first luxury Android Wear watch doesn’t stand out from the competition. Meanwhile, Apple’s iPad Pro hits stores this week, and BlackBerry puts a keyboard on an Android phone.

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  1. As it turns out a mechanical TAG you can get in exchange is surely well over 3000$, so it's not such a bad proposition if you were willing to eventually go for the latter. And for some customers, it actually is a compelling way out once the connected becomes obsolete. Regarding its "fancy materials", titanium makes it really light and you can't compare swiss timepiece craftsmanship to any other SmartWatch, trust me. Now, tell me CNET why is this watch sooo hilarious and a regular Apple Watch with a fancy leather band and a custom watchface can be called Hermes, priced similarly to the TAG and call it a day without being so hilarious.

  2. This video may be a little hypercritical…TAG Heuer seems to be trying to make a smartwatch for it's current customers. It's not aimed at LG or Pebble smartwatch users, as they're clearly not overly focused on functionality but more on look and feel. The idea seems to be that anyone that wants a Tag Heuer Carrera but thinks a smartwatch might interest them can basically try the smartwatch for no additional cost on the way to getting a Carrera. This seems like a good way to run a test model and get feedback.

    The one issue is that people that like nice mechanical watches…like nice mechanical watches and might not be interested in a smartwatch regardless of how they may be useful or possibly stylish depending on personal taste.

  3. The biggest problem with Android Wear is the lack of software customization from each OEM. This movement towards 'pure android' is nonsensical. There is no advanced multitasking or advanced power saving on pure Android. This will hurt the Android system, especially the wearables category, in the long run. Samsung is the only company to dare to bring a different software experience to battle the Apple Watch. Pebble is not available in New Zealand so they don't count. (Sorry Pebble). Customizable clock faces are very… Limiting.

    End of mini speech. Lol.

  4. The watch is only going to be a great deal for people who would want to wear a TAG heuer watch. But i dislike being forced to upgrade to an entry level (within the brand) mechanical watch in the future. It's basically TAG Heuers' way of customer retention.

  5. I think Tag is going after the wrong market with a smart watch. They're a status symbol amongst a crowd that isn't so much into the tech as they are into the details of a finely crafted watch.

  6. Man, if people are complaining about the price of the Tag Heuer smartwatch, I would hate to see their reaction to the other luxury models that Tag makes (Mikrogirder 10000). 1500$ for a Tag is decent if you ask me.

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