CNET Update – Secret Apple lab? The latest rumors on iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7

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There are new clues on what to expect in next year’s top smartphones. Reports say Apple has a team working on new screen technology. Samsung is also reportedly adding pressure sensitivity and faster charging to the Galaxy S7.

33 Comments on CNET Update – Secret Apple lab? The latest rumors on iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7

  1. Im gonna laugh at all you Samsung Galaxy lovers and Apple haters when Samsung copies Apple on the no headphone jack thing….. Samsung has copied Apple a lot… Galaxy s6 and the upcoming s7 are basically android versions of IPhone.

  2. To all the people complaining that charging cables always break, I've had my cable for about two years and it's in great condition. Maybe if you jokes let your phone charge with out using it , then maybe your cables wouldn't get torn

  3. Expect pressure sensitive screen and Rose Gold option on the upcoming Galaxy S7! Of course samsung has a source! Apple is their brains! In fact they just made a phone that features all high tech stuff came from many company and says that its their innovation!

  4. 7 and 7S 16GB for iOS + 32-256GB storage, lighting connector for charging and music, 7W version wireless Charging option A9 processor 4GB ssd5 ram and 33% faster then the last model

  5. Apple, make iPhone thicker to improve battery life, more storage and RAM's, implement 7.1 headphone jack (because it sounds so good and harmonic, you can buy Razer Kraken and try it for yourself, its amazing 7.1), sapphire glass (cause its easier to clean and not able to scratch it), thats all what everyone needs

  6. seriously, phones do not need to get any thinner…they're hard enough to hold on to as it is…how about companies focus on battery life for the next few years

  7. Sometimes phones are too thin, I have a thick case because it's easier to hold (sometimes). And it won't fall out of my pocket before I had a case my iPod would fall out which is only like 0.2mm thinner than the current iPhone.

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