CNET Update – iPhone 6S chip controversy over battery life

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Not all new iPhones have the same processor chip, but Apple says differences in performance are minimal. Apple also pulls ad-blocking apps over privacy concerns, and Netflix raises its price again.

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35 Comments on CNET Update – iPhone 6S chip controversy over battery life

  1. I have the TSMC chip but if I didn't I would take that shit back immediately. You have 30 days. Get a refund. Try again until you get the one you want. You didn't pay 1000$ for inferior products.

  2. Shouldn't you pull an app and not let them develop any more apps, I am sure these devs knew all along what they were doing. Do more then just slap them on the wrist will you Apple.

  3. Too many people in this comments section have don't have any clue about how the semiconductor industry works. What people don't know is that Samsung's lithography is actually much more advanced than TSMC's in a technical sense. Samsung's process is a 14NM FinFet while TSMC's is actually a 16NM FinFet. The ironic thing about this whole thing is that TSMC actually liked Samsung's 14NM FinFet process so much that they decided to license it from Samsung and have spent the last six months working on implementing Samsung's process. People who are saying that Samsung lost the iPhone 7 contract don't know what they're talking about. Apple makes so many phones and tablets every year that the whole semiconductor industry buckles under the weight of their demand. That's why Apple had to spend what was likely hundreds of millions of dollars to source their SoCs from two sources with completely different lithography processes this year. Samsung will be back next year for the A10.

  4. I could care less personally, but I will say l(like mentioned) Apple designed 2 different SoCs. The 16nm is physically larger meaning it's more than likely going to displace heat better making it run cooler. Why Apple decided to make 2 different versions a 16nm & 14nm isn't logical. Samsung built it to spec, Apple approved it and tested it and gave the OK. To me, folks should like at Apple as being in the wrong, not Samsung. But then again to iSheep Apple can do no wrong. They'll blindly listen to and follow anything Apple says. Which leads to one of my many issues with Apple. They've created mindless want-to-be techies who don't understand much (if anything) about tech. Not all are mindless, just the majority.

  5. I have a7 chip and it's made by Samsung and i have 1 day usage and three days on standby so it's not samsung it's iOS 9 since The battery life is been so bad on iOS 9

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