CNET Update – Goodbye $200 iPhone: Sprint latest to kill two-year contract

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The classic two-year contract is going extinct, with AT&T the only carrier left offering such a plan. Meanwhile, Facebook beefs up Notes into a blogging tool.

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  1. The iphone thing. So even though they are ending the option of the two year plan, to do the new option where you pay the full thing through out the time. Do you have to have credit? Because when i tried for sprint they said you needed to use credit.

  2. Lots of people in the comments thinking you'll pay more for the phone than before. That's wrong. You have to pay more upfront, sure, but when on a 2 year contract the rest of the cost of the phone is included in the monthly payments. Here in England it's often cheaper to buy the phone upfront with a sim only deal too.

  3. No 2 year contract does not make it cheaper. Before, though you have to pay 200 for a new phone, but you can also get almost 200 for a trade-in two year old phone. So you pay the initial 200 and basically pay next to zero for the new phone at each renew. Now, you pay 20+ a month for, let say, 2 years, and after that you get a trade in. But you still effectively pay 280+ over the two years. That makes to cost go north.

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