CNET Update – Apple’s Smart Battery Case juices iPhone, drains wallet

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It’s not a tumor – it’s Apple’s battery-equipped (and pudgy) case for the iPhone 6 and 6S. But is it worth $100? Also: Facebook kills off its sidekick apps and Sony launches the PlayStation Messages app.

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29 Comments on CNET Update – Apple’s Smart Battery Case juices iPhone, drains wallet

  1. Meh, get a EC Technology external battery on amazon. It does 8 full recharges with the iphone 6S plus and it's only $32. This case doesn't even do 1 full charge.

  2. Oh dear Lord! What is that! I don't have an iPhone but I always carry a 10000Mah power pack in my bag and whip it out when it's needed – not just for use with my smartphone, but other gadgets too (and can charge two devices at the same time)

    This Apple battery Case (as with all other Apple products) are way too expensive for what it is. $99 for 1,877 mAh? No thanks! Save your money folks and buy a 3rd party power pack for a fraction of the price but with 5x more juice (and sleeker looking too. My powerpack is metallic red colonthree emoticon ).

    Side-thought: TBH I would have expected something a bit more…refined…from Apple? This looks like something that has hastily been made up and it just hasn't got that finesse to it like other Apple products. Imagine having a beautiful looking iPhone 6 (love the Rose Gold BTW) and admiring and cherishing it every day, then only to cover it up with this God-awful looking plastic rubbery case with a bulge.

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