CNET Top 5 – iPhone 6 rumors

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Five interesting things we think we might possibly know (maybe) about the Apple iPhone 6.

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  1. If they dont change the SO to suport doing things with a Stylus pen(like G Note and Xperia Ultra) will not be compared to the concorrents, but would be funny see Apple change all their ideas about the size of the phone.

  2. This would be the last year for Apple to shine other wise there won't be many apple fans left after this year because people have been let down by Apple from the last couple of years on the other hand Google android killing everything in Australia at the moment my whole family and friends around 70 people they all used to be apple now we are all have android device great phones for the value of money. 

  3. noooooooo, steve jobs would jump from his grave if he ever saw what his masterpiece has become. This iPhone 6 with those ugly rubber bands on the back looks more like an HTC than the iPhone 5.

  4. I can only hope that Apple is smart enough to make the iPhone 6 with an at meat 6" screen and even as important, very small bavels. And the top and bottom part as short as possible. Because the usual design is getting very old now. 

  5. I really hope they make a model the same size as the 5. I hate big ass phones that's why I switched to iphone, because they looked nothing like the androids and they weren't too big or too small.

  6. I like my S3. I have always been a fan of the Samsung range of phones I don't know what the fuss is about the iphone. My hubby is crazy about iphone. He'll be excited. Still when he gets it I'll check it out.

  7. Yes I can keep my 'smug' note 3 smile. I have an integrated wacom stylus and software suite which lets me do full high quality digital art from a 'pocket' device.

  8. Don't put the on/off button on the side!! Cough…cough….plz dont copy Samsung…. Cough… Cough. I hate the button on the side, but the volume buttons like on iPod touch r very good

  9. It's worthless to have a bigger screen without software enhancements to make customers buy the the bigger iphone , if it's the same but bigger it's not gonna beat the galaxy note 

  10. Hope the iPhone stays 199 on a 2 year contract…. If not hopefully it's 249 and NOT 299. That would be overkill in price for a 16 gb base model.

    I cannot see myself using a phablet. The Htc one m8 was big to me already. Excited for the iPhone 6 though even though I will not get it (have the S5).

  11. hi guys I want your opinion on which phone should I get next, right not I got iPhone 4S but my next phone am not sure to get a iPhone 5S or the Samsung S5. What should I get…?

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