CNET Top 5 – iPhone 6 Plus alternatives

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Can’t get your hands on an iPhone 6 Plus? Here are five great smartphone alternatives that have big screens and great features.

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  1. i have had the lg g3 for about 8 months and i trully hate it.After 2 weeks with the phone ,it started to lag a little bit then the camara would not focus that well it would take to 3 seconds for the phone to take the picture and now that ive had it for 8 months every thing has gotten worse youtube takes 5 seconds to load and 3 to play a video witch buffers all the time and it over heats really badly even if you only use it for a little bit of time i truly do not recommended

  2. You forgot to mention that All Android crap was  created to Market to its user because thats what Google is all about Marketing…Enjoy your SPAM Fandroid users go get Scroogled!

  3. G3 kills the 6 plus. So does the Note 4 and its edge brother. I was surprised to not see the nexus 6 here in this stance video. Alternatives? Please the flagship Androids are better.

  4. Jesus…Cnet's bias for Apple is palpable in this video. iPhone 6 Plus alternatives? They say that as if the smartphone market revolves around the iPhone, and it's the device to beat. That's just laughable. It's the iPhone that's struggling to keep up with the predominantly Android competition. Most don't even consider boring iPhones to be in the running anymore.

    Cnet, get with the times. This isn't 2007 anymore.

  5. Stop this arguement against iphone and android it is plain childish. Everytime I see this sort of arguements I feel this world is hopeless. Each person has his own taste but comparing and fighting over tech is plain stupid. 

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