CNET Top 5 – Best TVs of the year

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Top 5:
Nothing but the best for you. We talked to the TV expert of all experts to put together this list of the top 5 televisions of 2015.

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33 Comments on CNET Top 5 – Best TVs of the year

  1. but how is the sharpness , does it look good on pc. Waiting for a tv that looks good on monitors naturally where I don't have to go to lackluster pc mode.

  2. have vizio, sony and samsung set in same row .
    You can see clearly sony and samsung is much better than vizio.
    Vizio is cheaper, thats what the catch for it.

  3. I'm no expert and I have a Samsung f8000 top of the line of 2013 but there's no way in hell Vizio is at the top of 2015 in picture quality. maybe the cheapest TV price wise, most bang for your buck but it no way best picture.

  4. Really a Vizio for the best tv of the year?!?!? Their tv's are overly saturated! Cheap and unreliable. So Cnet decided the best tv maker Samsung didn't even make the top 5 gtfoh!!!

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