CNET Prizefight: iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo 4G

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It’s a Prizefight of epic proportions where we face off the top two
phones in the hearts and minds of tech heads around the world. Apple’s
iPhone heritage has dominated the Prizefight ring in the past, but does it
have what it takes to dethrone the current reigning champion, the HTC Evo

47 Comments on CNET Prizefight: iPhone 4 vs. HTC Evo 4G

  1. It was the iPhone which revolutionized the smartphone craze. But it was the EVO that for ever changed the game in advancing the Smartphone. The birth of the Evo had all the manufacturer's improving cameras, screen size, screen resolution, power, call quality and so on. The Evo will forever be the true king.

  2. After owning an HTC EVO 4G for two years, I can guarantee you the evo should have been raped in the competition by far. It stunk so bad. In the end, I threw it out my window and destroyed it.

  3. I just come to these videos just to read the comments, the androids make me laugh so hard every time. Always thinking that if apple wins its "hating/ fanboy". Sigh… Some things will never change. And ill probably get so many replies calling me stupid and shit lol. 

  4. In my mind iphone are for the simple people who just want a good quality phone and don't care about specs and like to brag (yeah I'm talking to you Arsby amat) about apple and criticize android. Android is for the simple and tech geeks that love widgets and customizing home and lock screens

  5. It was in development for a few years beforehand. iPhone came out and Android started using touch screens. Apple copies Android now. Drink bleach, you're probably a niggerlover.

  6. without iPhone, there would be no multitask, no modern UI, no modern OS and no modern touchscreen, I mean, just google search android before and after iphone…

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