CNET News – Voice Search Speed Test – Google vs Siri iOS review

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Though Siri has a lot more uses with iOS integration, when it comes to the speed of Voice search, Google Search wins in a landslide.

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  1. ok guys that are having the problem i spent hours figuring it out. i live in Australia so the country in settings was already set to Aus for it to talk back u have to change it to US it doesn't affect the app in your country it just allows it to talk back. so to get it to work u go to the google home sorta thing and u click the cog which is settings, go to voice search and scroll down to where all the country's are listed and pick (English(U.S.) Cheers Matt

  2. @rubenandpimslapping Unless iCloud has a hive brain function, you trying Jelly Bean has nothing to do with the majority of iOS users having no working knowledge of Google Now. While most iOS users may not care, that doesn't mean they know what they're missing out on. My statement was tongue-in-cheek, it was also true.

  3. Oh you were referring to Android, well, Google barely makes any money off of android. Heck it makes more money off of iOS. Yes, Android started off as an iOS clone (Well the app drawer and the app store are the only common things I see) but nonetheless Google did copy iOS. But you see Google makes more money off of online Ads, heck if android didn't exist the revenue its making off of android, it would have ended up making off of iOS, which isn't that much comparing it with its web based revenue

  4. you got to be kidding me right? Google's Android UI is based entirely on iOS back in 2007 so it is safe to say iOS( although looking outdated now) formed android how it is today.
    so that's quite a stupid remark if I may say so

  5. Well over here Google Now opens apps, make phone calls, send text messages, make appointments, check traffic and start the car. #thing Android users say but true LOL

  6. Funny the way you said your last sentence. Google searches its googlomaniac database and answers back in less than a second. While apple takes 4-5 seconds just to search through contacts on the phone and then consult miniscule wolfogram database to return sub par results ..

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