CNET News – See the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape mode

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Finally, the iPhone has landscape mode, but only for the iPhone 6

49 Comments on CNET News – See the iPhone 6 Plus in landscape mode

  1. why would apple brag so much about a landscape mode as if they just broke new ground…  just about every other phone on the planet has been doing this already for the greater part of the last decade. 

  2. yay… finally we get to 1080p in 2014 (retina display.. lol?).. apple conferences are a good rewind for people who missed android phone manufacturers conference of 2010-2012 ^_^
    And I couldnt help but notice how much of ER they used with words like biggER bettER fastER in the conference. Reminds me of Xbone coming out with TV TV TV TV Sports sports sports sports CoD CoD CoD.. Xbox go home.. :D

  3. Who gives a shit if you don't like it dont buy it dont watch the videos tired of seeing the same lames bashing every apple video this coming from a note3 user

  4. Android may been had all this stuff but android lags and still not as smooth and simple as apple … Android has plastic junk well besides the htc one m8 but rest of galaxy is junk i had android and will never go back to them

  5. To all of you arrogant fanboys, Apple adopted NFC by force because the big banking companies are trying to make it mandatory. They didn't copy Android, silly little fanboys; they have guidelines to follow before 2015.

  6. It is funny to see how people applauded when he says that the iphone 6 had a bigger screen and abilitu to multitask finally lol thats how you know iphone was behind everyone else on the market. Iphone 6 sucks same design and same things all over again just a little improvement. Samsung is owning them by incorporating more multitasking, design, interact with other technologies, and even help in school/college. I am getting Galaxy Note 4 which is pretty much a mini laptop/phone. Being able to do school work in a phone on the go is very important specially for students. It is sadly people focus on iphone because they want to fit in or be cool for people that they dont even like. I want a good phone to use!! Not a phone that makes me look good or cause other people envy. Are we that materialistic and self-centered? Anywhom good luck for anyone getting this crappy phone

  7. Ive never understood why people have always wanted something thats so far behind the times… I heard in 2018 theyll add this amazing feature where u can add a micro sd to expand ram. Aaaaahhhhmmmaaaaazuuunnnggg

  8. Samsung came out with their new phones but you don't see that much hype, but when the iphones came out everyone waits in line to get one. Apple is more professional looking to me and easier to use. They came out with the first iphone and android started copying them but trying to add more functions. Who cares if android came out with functions specifications first. apple makes it look cleaner and more simpler. They hold off new stuff for the iphone like multitasking back couple years ago, so they make more money on the next device. If android was that much better how come android does not have its own store anywhere. Apple has many stores and take care of their customers. Now watch this, android came out with bigger phones S5 Notes 2 and 3 for the past 2 years. Apple went with 4 inch screens to keep the user to use only one hand. Now Apple brings out their own 5.5 inch display and so far by looking at it looks real good. Imagine how it feels for the user and how simple its going to be. The way things are going how does samsung come back when the iphone 6 plus does look better than all the 5.5 screens out there. The bigger you go its just another tablet.

  9. I was really pulling for you apple fans to get more, I'm still looking at videos expecting to see more. My s pen has more features than this phone. You can't honestly watch the release of the note series and then this and say apple isn't falling off!

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