CNET News – iPhone 6 and 6 Plus boast larger, sharper displays

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Apple CEO Tim Cook and VP Phil Schiller unveil two new iPhones in Cupertino, Calif. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus feature Retina HD displays plus Reachability, a new gesture that makes it easy to use with one-hand.

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  1. iPhone 6 or plus has a 8 pixels camera is way too small for photography and videography. My Nokia Lumia 1520 has a 20 pixels and 1920×1080 HD display with 30 fps video recording is way better than iPhone 6 or plus has, and I can get an external SD card up 128GB plus 16BG phone itself. The total is 144GB to shoot thousand of photos and hundreds of video.I can put this way that iPhone is more simplicity to use, not complexity. I like something more customized rather than not customized. I may wait to see or go with with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which has a 16 pixels camera and 4K video recording unveil in Gernamy already, but it will come to the U.S. this coming October 2014.

  2. i think the new iPhones are awesome epecially ther 6 Plus. No one#s forcing you haters to buy iPhone. You can stick with your buggy ad laggy ad plastic Samsungs with a double of lag from Android. Everyone knows Android copied iOS and iOS is the better than Android.

  3. Guys who say Phil is exaggerating why iPhones are beautiful and advanced: 
    Beauty is a personal perception. A lot many people would agree these phones are beautiful. And these are advanced too. They've got a desktop class processor (it's been a year and no one other that Apple has done it), they can do NFC payments (it's ironic Android phones have NFC for no reason), it has a great way to unlock the phone (Samsung did a shitty job, don't talk about HTC's rear placed touch sensor), it has got a great Sapphire composite display (technology which Apple will own for the next five years) and so on. So I don't see why are not advanced.

  4. I'M STILL GOING TO THE NOTE 4 I mean the I phone 6 plus design finally is stunning! But I refuse to pay for EVERYTHING I download!… also the Galaxy Line always has multiple different customizable home screens 16 or more to be exact! Unlike with the iphone with only 2 screens that aren't even customizable!

  5. Apple needs to get their heads out of their own ass, I think that they are beginning to believe their own hype. By the sound of it, Apple thinks that they are being so innovative and that they are breaking new ground but they are really just playing catch up with a lot of these "new" features. Android & Windows devices have had HD displays for years, HTC had been making all aluminium bodies for 2 generations. NFC payments are nothing new in the android ecosystem. It should be called the iPhone six of getting the pants bet off us by Google

  6. Yeah 1.4 GHz Dual Core 5.5 Display and 8 MP Camera IOS 8 wooooww Apple things ive never seen in my life before. Cmon wtf apple .. 5.5 Display with 1800 mAh Battery wtf 2 hours and battery down from 100 to 0 % ? or wtf how is a 5.5 display even work smooth with 1.4ghz dual core system no way xD Apple goes Quad core in 2 Miilion years… then samsung will have 600 million core xD SAMSUNGFTW

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