CNET News – iOS 9 gets unveiled

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Updates to Apple’s personal assistant pop up in more places in the mobile OS.

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  1. Launching the Music app when your earbuds are connected…so this is pretty much Recommended Apps when a headphone is connected that Samsung and many others had launched 3 years ago? 

  2. Oh okay.  So ios9 is basically Android Kit Kat.  Good to know.
    It's so revolutionary.  Perhaps the 6S will come with wireless charging capability.  Clearly something no other phones have before….''

  3. So to recap, maps now have bike and transit paths that it should have from the get go, you can draw notes and Siri can open photos by date and remind me to drink water. iOS9 *crowd claps slowly

  4. what the hell happened to apple. i love the ios6 to ios7 concept of a whole new look but ios8 was just updates which i thought was fine but ios9 is just brining crap people want so they can be a lot lazier and click the lock screen button and find everything. and apples logo is "costs less, does more" now its "costs more, does less"

  5. I need split screen for the 6 plus, siri needs a better upgrade than this crap. Ios 9 really disappoints me. Im glad pangu successfully jailbroken ios8.3, you wont recognized my embarrassing 8.3 version. 

  6. Would've liked to see:

    Group FaceTime chats
    set default apps (e.g. opens Chrome instead of Safari)
    More icons on control center for quicker customization (location, data)
    More support in Messaging app (custom read receipts for contacts, changing default "blue" color for iMessage, etc.)
    Cache cleaner (Have to reinstall apps to remove cache)
    Hiding or deleting apps we don't use
    Wireless charging
    Guest login

    Maybe next year. I do like the update to Notes alot, however.

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