CNET News – iOS 9 brings real multitasking to the iPad

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Side-by-side multitasking — long available on Android — comes to the iPad with iOS 9.

37 Comments on CNET News – iOS 9 brings real multitasking to the iPad

  1. Hello Apple ! This kind of multitasking is over two years on my Samsung devices. I think you are too late with this feature, and you know it. Generally speaking, Samsung is much better at the moment. 

  2. "In fact, for the first time ever, multiapps, multitouch". Why the hell you say that? Im using my Note 4 and it can do that thing since lonnnggg time ago. Im not hating Apple products but jeez please, don't claim you're the first like you're an innovator of this thing.

  3. People who say they have this on their samsung, True, but every single one of my friends who I ask them how does it work? I get the awkward silence while they try to figure it out. it just doesn't work. that's what I love about apple, they may be late but most of their features make sense and are intuitive, stop fighting, it's not 2008.

  4. Saying this is "real" multitasking is a bit of an exaggeration. Looks like a step in the right direction and not saying competitors do this any better, but it is merely an application switcher and split view. The OS can probably kill background processes any time it needs to. Real multitasking is what you can do on your desktop computer: you can open n apps, interact with all of them at the same time and they will not shut down until you actually close them yourself.

  5. good god. Multitasking wasn't there before? this is just a basic feature yet important. Surprised to see that they are bringing this just now.

  6. Oi shut up. I absolutely hate Apple, but you're only making yourself look like a fool if you keep complaining about how they didn't invent it first.

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