CNET News – Inside Scoop: Should you upgrade to iOS 7?

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Apple’s newest operating system brings a clean, modern, and flat look to iPhones and iPads. CNET’s Josh Lowensohn explains how Siri has been revamped and how controls are more easily accessible, and why some people should wait to update the OS.

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  1. yeah stock android is as smooth but how many phones run stock android? 2%? Most androids are samsung sadly. I would never buy a samsung… Can't deal with lag on an 8 core phone xD Then again the A7 is dual core and blows everything out of the water. Thats optimisation for you. Glad to see they launched a google play edition S4 tho

  2. the 5s still as boring as any iphone, wait till iphone 6, i think it is going to be bigger screen, and better looking, also 1080p screen, this iphone 5s SUCKS

  3. Everyone know that he meant ipod touch. The top comments is already a joke about the mistake. So everyone who tells the same joke when its on the top of the comments is fucking stupid.

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