CNET News – Everything you need to know about the iPhone 6S

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Apple announces the new iPhone 6S with a slew of new features, including 3D Touch for navigation, and a new camera for shooting 4K video.

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21 Comments on CNET News – Everything you need to know about the iPhone 6S

  1. One big problem with Apple products like iPhones than than their tablets, iPads and computers is it's expensive. In countries like Australia it's above $500 for the one phone even though iPhone 6 have already come out and now there new versions like iPhone 6s.

    When will prices for these phones be reduced with phone companies like Vodafone, Telstra, Bigpond, Optus etc. will decrease prices to customers?

  2. When will Apple built in 3D Holograms Holograms in their iPhones also for tablets to computers to that way users can speak directly but online to whom they want to chat with the same phone as them like Skype with high speeds connection and no delay of loading.

  3. This is kind of pathetic. Not because it's a bad product, but because of how he's talking about a mostly iterative product like it's ground-breaking. Like, dude, nobody is that excited about making already good looking video look better. Tone yourself down. Also, taking a bunch of pictures one after the other and making a higher quality version of a gif is not new technology.

  4. damn, not what i was expecting. really boring, same shyt. one new feature is not worth 600 or whatever the price…well if they people our willing to pay. keep it coming, i guess

  5. Haha.. Its kinda funny tim cook started the introduction with 'the only thing changed is everything' n introduces an 100% identical phone to a previously introduced model.. 

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