CNET News – Apple turns iPhone 6 into mobile wallet with Apple Pay

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Apple’s Tim Cook announces Apple Pay at a press event in Cupertino, Calif. The new mobile payment system makes it possible use your iPhone 6 as a mobile wallet.

24 Comments on CNET News – Apple turns iPhone 6 into mobile wallet with Apple Pay

  1. Is it possible for people to self checkout with applepay?  For example just have the scanner near the door and before they leave they whip out their phone and it's all good?  What say you, good people?

  2. It's not about the execution time it takes to build a product or in this case a feature. It's about making it work and work right which takes time. That's the reason apple has succeeded with apple pay and google hasn't. Apple took their time to understand the market and found the right time to bring it to the market. Sure they weren't first with this mobile payment for physical goods, but that's simply not the point here.

  3. Can someone please answer this scenario? I know it's a bit of a stretch, but please bear with me. Let's say someone has your card information, either just the numbers or your physical card. Can they add that card to their apple pay on their iPhone and use your card physically, without actually having your physical card? Lets say like a waitress enters your card number in their apple pay on their iPhone. Now I know they can do this without even apple pay, just steal the numbers, but I think apple pay allows a thief to use your card physically, without the rightful owner knowing until later. 

  4. It is really hilarious that Japan already had this technology in their flip phones ago from now ????? Japan already had this on their phones much earlier!

  5. I have an iPhone 6 plus because I have hundreds of apps and because my phone is jailbroken but Apple is definitely behind. What's next? Heart beat sensor (android has it) the only thing that is great about the iPhone is the design…

  6. I reading that a huge group of retailers called MCX are going to be launching their own payment system in competition of Apple's. Basically you have to download an app onto your phone to use it. In a certain sense that sounds better b/c you can use it with any smartphone, but to use Apple Pay you have to buy the overpriced iphones.

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