CNET News – Apple debuts iOS 8

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Apple’s Craig Federighi announced iOS 8, the next iteration of the company’s mobile operating system, at its WWDC in San Francisco. The new iOS brings new features that include an interactive notification system ​ and enhancements to messaging.

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  1. For all you Android users, yes this has already been done, but… Apple's OS is smother when it comes to performance. iOS compared to Android OS is way smoother at multi-tasking, and most other uses too! 

  2. I used to be a bit of an IOS/iPhone fanboy. But then I started paying attention to what it's competitors do. Pretty much everything apple puts on a pedestal during their keynotes are things their competitor's devices already do. Except their competitors don't put it on a pedestal because they think, "shouldn't it do that already? Big whoop". My next phone will be an android. Curse the long phone contracts :-P

  3. I hope it keeps the notification feature to let me know 'Cellular data is turned off' 87 times a day for any app I prefer to use wifi for. And if they could add 'Press esc to exit full screen' that would be great. I love notifications because I am a baby, and everything is always new to me. 

  4. I am sick and tired of these comments. It doesn't matter if iOS copied Android's long used features. Apple incorporates Android features in a whole new different way, which isn't innovation, it's using your opponents biggest weapon and making it bigger., which is pure genius. So, enough with these Android and iOS features battle.

    Companies don't copy. They make features better.
    It's like saying that Google Chrome copied Safari's bookmarks..

    Android does not own the features like live wallpapers, different keyboards, health, etc. Android takes features from old OS's and incorporates in a new, fresher, way..

    Unless Apple doesn't exactly copy the features. It's all good.

  5. Being a long time android user that just switched to iPhone, I have come to my final conclusion on the decision regarding the competition between android and iphone.  It is unfair to compare the two or at least in the way most people do, because android can have many forms, such as the Samsung UI, HTC sense, or just plain vanilla android.  Whereas Apple's iOS comes only in one form.  I say if the two are to even be compared at all, then we must take PLAIN vanilla android and compare it to iOS.  Throw all the Galaxys, HTCs and LG's out the window.  However, let's get serious people.  They're both awesome.  

  6. "None of the keystrokes leave the device" WTF? Does he expect us to think that all of the data necessary to adapt these suggestions to your writing style, and everything else he said about the suggestions, are all stored on the device? 

  7. I downloaded iOS8 onto my kids iPhone 5 to test it.  (no reason to have buggy beta on my phone yet)  While I can't do/test everything I'd like because I need others to have iOS8 to use some features, I do find it to be easier/quicker or more efficient to use overall.  For a beta 1, I find it MUCH less buggy than iOS7 was when in beta, but that's somewhat understandable.  

  8. I like how android fanboys call people who uses apple slaves or apple fanboys. But forgetting the fact that they are exactly the same but with android . 

  9. When Apple does it the feature actually works and it's stable. Android is still cluttered and laggy to this day even with their crazy specs 2-3gb ram etc…Apple sticks with the low end specs and make iOS work well with it. I have an iPhone 4s release in 2011 and it works better with any Android device in 2013 and before and can still works good to date.

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