CNET How To – iPhone panorama tips and tricks

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When Apple updated the camera app in iOS 6, it included a fun panoramic photo feature. Sharon Vaknin shows you how to get started and offers some techniques for some creative results.

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  1. these were on android 2 years ago. just like the nortification bar,oh and LTE, aw crap wait!!!! 4G as well.i cant understand why people believe that samsung copied apple, when exactly the opposite happent.

  2. I own a Galaxy Nexus, but find idiots like you fucking pathetic. I truly hate everything about Android fucktard fanboys that think its cool to make fun of iPhone. The iPhone is actually a good phone, whether you like it or not.

  3. I wonder if someone is running frame by frame when I take the photo, will it look like that person is running extremely fast showing a trail of him like in the cartoons?

  4. To see how CNET spoke on the Panormic view of iOS 6….

    A better question is, why did you even reply to my comment in the first place? I like how you delete that other comment you posted. XD

    What does me being here, have to do with my comment about me not trying to convince YOU to either OS and that you don't seem sane. I mean I wasn't even talking to you.
    You're obviously not playing with a full deck. lol

  5. I was never trying to convince you to stick with either OS. The fact that you said that, doesn't make me think you're a sane. The raging big caps doesn't help me believe that you are sane either.

  6. It's more now. I'm glad it made for a good joke to you, your household and everyone who liked the comment in general. I'm always happy to find out I made people smile. 🙂

  7. Yeah, it's called variety.

    If you want an iOS smartphone, you're stuck with one phone. Then at that, the phone gets very small updates each year and Apple acts like they did such big improvements when they really didn't.

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