CNET How To – Expand storage on your iOS device

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Want to add more storage to your iPhone or iPad? Sharon Profis shows you a few ways to do just that.

35 Comments on CNET How To – Expand storage on your iOS device

  1. I don't want sd cards for phones, they can get scratched or ruined and poof media gone. I hope they figure out how to install more storage by buying it, not for icloud but for the device itself.

  2. All SD card patents are property of a company like SD association. Apple never ( unless extreme needs ) use other technology into their devices. So to make maximum profit directly into their pockets. So "Why Apple never use SD" , because Money is priority over the consumer comfort and needs.

  3. there is a card smaller than a credit card that has 1 TB and costs less than 100 aud, and still companies think its a good idea to sell tablets and smartphones with 32GB. while other companies think 128 GB is a great step forward…

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