Clash of Clans Hack Glitch FREE Unlimited Gems TIPS

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Clash Of Clans How To Use Gem Calculator? We really apreciate and Thanks for the support :-{) Let’s reach 100 000 Subscribers
Hellow and Thank’s for watching Clash of Clans Hack/Glitch | Gems Calculator .
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This Gems Calculator, calculate the number of gems you need to buy for certain amount of gold, elixir or time.

As you noticed , i wroted “Yellow Guys”on Clash of Clans calcualtor tutorial, my tablet notepad apk suggested what would be possible to write, I noticed only after I saved the Clash of Clans video.
Yesterday i buyed the new tablet for making tutorials
so this is just a teaser of a full video tutorial that iT will be launched in the next few days.
So now i’l try to fix that Clash of Clans Glitch in ofline-mode to see how it works
Also need to fix some video recording aplications and voice recording.
Tomorrow I have to release my new video filmed with new tablet…

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  1. Nice video !I have been playing Clash of Clans for over a year. I never expected that this game had such tricks and strategies unlit I have found this guide . I have always wondered how top 100 players in the game reached that position, but not anymore. I am #35 in the top players list of Clash of Clans now ! ‫
     ‫ ‪
    Love the fact that this guide gets updated often. I have purchased this guide 7 months ago and already received 4 emails with updates . 

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