Cisco IOS Tips and Tricks Volume 3, “alias” and “do” commands

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Want to cut your config time in half? Well, maybe not in half but these two commands will make you a type those repetitive commands lightning fast….from any config mode.

In this NETVERSANT video we take a look at Cisco’s “alias” and “do” commands and how they can make you a more efficient engineer.

4 Comments on Cisco IOS Tips and Tricks Volume 3, “alias” and “do” commands

  1. 1) Once these "alias" command shortcuts are entered, are they sticky (persistent) without "copy run-start". In other words, are they still available, or are they un-done by a re-boot or re-load?

    2) Is there any (potential) Security risk having them remain on the box, or is it appropriate (best practice) to "undo" them when you complete your config?
    Is there ANY (potential) harm if you simply leave them in place?

    Reason for the ? I wouldn't want to cause any unnecessary (unforeseen) security headache. 

    Neither would I want to cause future "config" headache for some future tech doing additional "config" on the box that didn't know the "alias" commands were in place and available.

    Just trying to think ahead a little bit.

    Thanks for the video.

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