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China Cleans the Air We are Breathing

China was considered to be as one of the worst adversaries of Mother Earth 18 months ago, only recently the country has promised to do something quite extraordinary that shocked the whole world, in a good way of course. China cleans the air we are breathing by eradicating the level of greenhouse gas emissions.

Such holy oath was taken by this so called “Mother Nature Destroyer” on 3rd June 2014 by He Jiankun, the chairman of China’s Advisory Committee. He also promised that such reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will be observed from 2016 as it will reduce its reliance upon coal fire-powered stations.

But you know, haters are forever going to hate; many environment protectors of the earth raised their eyebrows after hearing out such a bold promise from the “Nemesis of Earth”. They simply thought that such promises are merely made in order to topple Washington by becoming the opposite “The Guardian Angel” of Mother Earth.

Ever since then, China has been constantly cleaning its already generated wastes manifesting the Earth. As a result, its government is investing in its renewable energy sources thus leading to the development of a wind farm on Nanri, a small island located off the coast in Taiwan Strait.

Watch China’s already Renewable Energy Source Measures:

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This wind farm will be functional from 2018 that will have a massive output generating as much as 400 megawatts of electricity, and accordingly to He Jiankun’s promise, this farm will have the same capacity of a coal fire powered station that previously burned 450,000 metric tons of coal for generating energy. For a long time, Nanri already has a smaller wind farm that is wonderfully suited to provide adequate energy for 50,000 residents located in that area. Naturally this area is amazingly perfect for wind energy as there is an average of 320 days annually also making the place highly susceptible to typhoons.


This project will cost $1.28 billion will be given to Longyuan Power Group Corp. Ltd., according to China starts building 2nd biggest offshore wind farm.  2 more identical projects have been undertaken by China, in places yet unknown. Each of these massive farms will be able to generate 600 MW of electricity after completion that will help to lessen the level of greenhouse gases.

China’s promises have been implemented since 2014 and became one of the leading generators of wind energy. In that same year, China was already generating 35 GW of energy from its renewable energy sources more than Britain, France and United States combined, the so-called “protectors of the Earth.”

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