Cash Rewards – Make Money with Your Smartphone

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Cash Rewards. A would-be-good app aside from redeem issues.
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35 Comments on Cash Rewards – Make Money with Your Smartphone

  1. Hey thanks a lot! I watched many of your videos and it helped me immensly I don't know how much I can thank you for all the tips on how tto make money with apps and everything. You're the best bro forreal! For this I used you ID so I was reffered by you You deserve it.

  2. You get identifying credits and double reward (DR) by clicking ads or watch pop-up ads. If you don’t utilize DR on games then it's a waste of time. Offers are hidden inside the yellow shovel button. Cash Reward lagging on payout currently and referral don’t work. I experiment a lot on it and founds couple tricks. If anyone found a way to get daily quest coins I’ll gladly reward you.

  3. I have 1200 pts now and whenever I open the Cas Reward app its says that I can now cash out for $2 . But whenever I try to cash out theres nothing happenS! Any idea? Does this app still legit?

  4. I love this app! i've made over $100 on this but recently they ripped me off $15. Also app trailers doesn't work for me. Maybe it's cause i'm in canada but whenever I watch a video it doesn't give me the points. Does it still work for you?

  5. The app is Chinese and it's WORLDWIDE on both iOS and android since March-April ,2015 but lately they added steam gift cards and almost canceled PayPal !I think everyone should be thankful receiving with gift cards since now on!They do pay you in 24 hours,it's verified!

  6. I'm already halfway to $5 so I'm just gonna hold out til I get there. But I think it's not a very solid app. My experience is that it gives you a ton of wins on all of the games at first but after the first day it barely gives you anything. From day two forward, I have won scratch maybe 2 times out of 5 and the lucky wheel gives me two points consistently. I wouldn't waste your time on it. It's gonna take a long time to get paid

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