Can Watermelon Protect an iPhone 6S from 100 FT Drop Test? | Extreme iPhone Drop

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An iPhone 6S and a Watermelon? Ultimate 100FT Drop Test out in beautiful nature. We’re Dropping an iPhone 6s in a Watermelon from a 100 FT cliff we hiked up to in the woods!


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1:45 – Watermelon Preparation
4:14 – iPhone 6s & Watermelon Glory
4:50 – Drop Zone
6:01 – iPhone 6S Watermelon Drop
10:27 – RELATED Videos

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47 Comments on Can Watermelon Protect an iPhone 6S from 100 FT Drop Test? | Extreme iPhone Drop

  1. does it need to be an exact play by play, you almost say every single thing that's going on… It's soooooo redundant and makes it hard to watch. You're just as bad as those news articles they post every few hours about jailbreak updates that don't tell you shit.

  2. That happen to my iPhone 5 when i jailbreak my iPhone and i was like downloading some Themes and some Tweaks and then it starts to lag and then i turn it off and it does not turn on what so ever i didn't drop it in the water that day and also it did not had a hard drop or high drop.

    What you have to do is a Hard Reset your iPhone:
    1.Press the Home Button/Touch ID and the Power Button at the same time (Hold it for 10 seconds)
    2.If you see that the iPhone boot up just wait and then it's turned back on

  3. Why do ya sit there and talk saying he's copying people maybe he felt like doing it cause he wanted to try it out he gets them for free anyways and he still coming out with jailbreak updates maybe he felt like doing something different

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