Can the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 change Apple’s fortunes? (Apple Byte)

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Apple’s earnings were down across the board, but do they have anything that can turn things around? Plus, get lunch with Tim Cook…for over $200k.

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37 Comments on Can the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 change Apple’s fortunes? (Apple Byte)

  1. I don't really understand why people enjoy doging on apple it's not like there bankrupt. There definitely pushing out new or updated products every year and is still one of the most profitable tech companies in the world. I also don't understand why people will complain about a company taking there time to release a product but when they rush something out to please the masses consumers are surprised when it's not perfect.

  2. i like the iOS but man overtime i drop the iPhone, something breaks on it-lcd, glass, whatever! i don't gots time or money to spend fixing this stupid thing! my extranomically (made that word up) cheaper windows phone from few yrs ago holds up wayyyyyy better, i drop it and nothing happens to it, wtf apple!?

  3. blow us outta the water or stop making phones for a while until you have something very very new that's a jaw dropper stop with the glitchy latest iOS every year it's annoying . My plus 6s stinks glitch central had to get it replaced several times ridiculous for the price. Done buying going forward , apples lost the touch of WOW I WANT NOW for consumers

  4. they need to shrink the Apple retail stores. it would look more crowded if the stores were smaller. these days Apple stores always appear empty compared to the early 2010s. how far this Apple has fallen from the tree. they're the next blackberry and Sony.

  5. In my opinion, Apple has lost all innovation since the passing of Steve Jobs… Tim Cook just keeps on removing essential parts of devices and then making adapters for what he removed just so he can attempt to make money and fail…

  6. there is already wifi on apple watch… connect to a 2.4 ghz wifi on iphone with ur watch connected via bluetooth… and the next time.. u dont need an iphone

  7. In my opinion, they need water and dust proof iPhone id upgrade for that and why are there Apple computers so slow with gaming? It's 2016, you figure they'd be able to handle the early stages of VR let alone ultra setting in allot of games.

  8. Two cameras looks like they are over doing it to me. Having to charge earbuds is a deal breaker for me. I'll probably have my 6s for the next 5 years. I'll never switch to malroid. Needing a separate data plan for apple watch is another deal breaker. I don't want a watch that it'll be lacking if I don't have a data plan. Perks up the deal for going first generation apple watch for me.

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