Camera Shootout: Nexus 6P vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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29 Comments on Camera Shootout: Nexus 6P vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  1. 6P natural color better right? Nah, when most people who would look at these two phone's pictures side by side at the store, 99% of them will prefer the over saturated and over sharpen photos that the s7 will produce. Not to mention their saturated SAMOLED screens as well.

  2. Price difference between Nexus 6P 32GB and Galaxy S7 32GB (not edge) is 36% in India. Which device should I get? Does spending more worth it with S7 or save money and go with Nexus 6P?

  3. Great Shootout. I think the side by side shots were the most informative. While I see what you are saying about the 6P being more accurate, I'm a sucker for the Samsung's brightness and saturation.

  4. I have the 6P and i just downloaded a manual camera app and wala this camera is a beast in low light and daylight, also RAW files are extremely good for low light. Google camera app is good during day but doesn't offer any manual option.

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