Camera Comparison: Galaxy S7 vs. Xperia Z5 vs. Budget DSLR!

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*Sorry my bad. The Z5 is better in low light at 8mp. All my samples were taken at 23mp* It also doesn’t have OIS.
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37 Comments on Camera Comparison: Galaxy S7 vs. Xperia Z5 vs. Budget DSLR!

  1. Videos like this were about to make me believe that I did not need to buy a DSLR camera, however, I did get the D3300, and I couldn't be happier!! I stopped taking pictures with my phone a long time ago. Eventho this comparison doesn't show the strong points of the DSLR, as soon as you zoom in with any phone, the picture looks like a watercolor painting. If you're taking pictures of a moving subject, you'll most of the time get really blurry pictures. If you're thinking about buying a DSLR don't hesitate!

  2. z5 lack 4k rofl omg really man havent tested z5 yet i think he doesnt like it so he didnt bothered to check z5 camera simply posted other smartphone cameras pics samsung is doing great in marketing

  3. I am by no means a photography expert but to my eyes the Z5's images were closer to that of the DSLR's output than the S7. I would also prefer the S7's images because it has the looks of a good post edited output.
    I think this shows the mentality of the two companies. Sony is a dedicated camera company and has been doing photography for years, so they tweak the algorithm to be closer to what their DSLRs would produce. And Samsung is what-the-consumer-wants company and thats reflected in people's preferences as well.

  4. I adore Sony, so I am not actually that annoyed by the s7 camera considering even Samsung realized how great Sony cameras and are so they went with a sony sensor on the s7 the only reason that would make me like a Samsung Mobile device.

  5. I still own my D3200 and no phone camera comes close. the only skin tones that I've seen rival it has actually been the Huawei Honor 7, iPhone, G5 and Z5. Only now are the phones really getting toward being competition but are still quite a way off

  6. You have to compare a dslr that is spec equivalent to a smartphone. You cant compare a premium phone to a budget dslr. This video while nicely done contradicts itself.

  7. This person should be found and have a camera shoved up his ass especially Samsung! ass they are paying him for this Ad fake garbage ..More for people to see what Samsung is all about as bad the VW selling cheat devices to Americans Samsung is a cheat!

  8. you fuckin idiot, Fuck you , everyone that viewed this phoney BS review should get paid for click paying! you got caught!
    you paid Samsung shit pay click .! haha discredited.. Z5 1080 p? no it has 4k ! what kind of joke review are you!duck you Samsung! paid by..everyone Report to youtube this garbage.

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