Buying MI phone in vs (Redmi Note 3)

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Buying MI phone in vs (Redmi Note 3)

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Check out the best mobiles in different price points (Last Updated on 13th May 2016)
Best Smart Phones in India

Best Tablets:
Xiaomi Mi Pad:
Samsung tab S2 (not for high-end games) :

Best Phones under Rs 7000:
Coolpad Note 3 Lite :
Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime:

Best Phones under Rs 10000 (and above 7000):
Redmi Note 3: ,
Meizu m3 note:
LeEco Le 1s Eco:

Best Phones under Rs 15000 (and above 10000):
Redmi Note 3: ,
Lenovo ZUK Z1:
Letv Le 1s:
Oneplus X:

14 Comments on Buying MI phone in vs (Redmi Note 3)

  1. Hey, I wanna ask u something, if u please help me in this………suppose I have a redmi phone and its under warranty, so if something happens to its motherboard or any other hardware(except screen) will the xiaomi service center repair or replace it for free 'like other smartphone service centers', or I have to pay for what they replace or repair, please help me, or else I would not buy Mi phones if they take charges for what they repair or replace "under warranty".

  2. I brought a redmi note 3 through .they sent me a phone whose fingerprint scanner wasn't working properly and then I replaced it . The second phone (that replaced one ) heats abnormally. It heats up even when the phone is kept ideal and there are no background app running. Now they are offering me a refund and I don't know what to do . I am so confused as redmi note 3 is the best phone in 13000 range.
    Someone please suggest me what to do ??

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