Brian Tong’s new Apple TV review

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The iPad Pro is rumored to be coming on November 11, I’ll break down what I like and dislike about the Apple TV. And, yes, there are already iPhone7 rumors.

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  1. iTunes or Safari 9.0 is limited to a few video formats mp4 & m4v (H.264) to steam videos to AppleTV 2015 onto TVs. No supports for many other videos MKV, H265, and more. A single external USB hard drive up to 4TB (exFAT for some Sony TV. NTFS for Samsung and LG) supports many video formats to play onto HDTV & 4K TV which I've tried with Samsung, Sony, LG.

  2. can someone explain the logic of having the back of the box be usb-c, but the remote still lightning? what's the point in having a universal standard if we're going to be half-assed about implementing it?

    while I'm at it, why isn't the 6S usb-c? if the next iPhone DOES have it, then I'll be even more rustled because that just means they're late to the party. never change apple :(

  3. Apple needs to fix some things pronto. 1. Bluetooth Keyboard support. 2. Siri search of Youtube with Dictation for text boxes. 3. More seamless setup of 3rd party channels. 4. iOS Remote app support. 5. Podcasts

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