BlackBerry Z10 TIPS and TRICKS, Tutorial Review part 2, by Gadgets Portal

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BlackBerry Q10 Tips & Tricks:
Part I:
Unboxing & Hands on:
Hardcore gaming test:

Here is the 2nd part of the Tips & Tricks tutorial reviews on the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. Overall this BlackBerry Z10 is a nice device with a lot of user friendly gestures & useful features that are not available on other operating systems like Android and iOS. This device is also very fast & the display is extremely good compared to other similar devices in the market. But still this new BlackBerry 10 OS needs to undergo more experiments to make it feature rich like Android & the bugs should be fixed asap.


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Sukesh Banik
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30 Comments on BlackBerry Z10 TIPS and TRICKS, Tutorial Review part 2, by Gadgets Portal

  1. Great job bro. You really discovered and shared some Owesome features of this device. I am a BlackBerry Z10 user. I need you help to remove mt parental control password. I have to install flash player which requires allow app from other sources. I have forgotten my parental control setting password. I have to first open the parental control then only I can allow apps from other sources. U can understand the whole situation. I will be thankful to you if you could help me to solve this problem.

  2. the video was vry useful..i have query ..i used the headset for the first time and after every time i have to make the option to handset to make a call, even if i dont insert the headset.

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