(BLACKBERRY Z10) revisted 2015

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23 Comments on (BLACKBERRY Z10) revisted 2015

  1. I own all Blackberries and the Z10 rocks I don't want to update it to 10.3 it's still running 10.2. The Classic rocks. The music player sounds so stereo and good!! and the camera on it takes great pic and video for an 8MP camera!

  2. This phone (and its "cousin" the Q10) is really good even today! Normally I'd want a newer device, but I still love it. I have the Z10 and Q10 but I use the Q10 the most. The Q10 is a GREAT device…typing on it is the the best i've ever experienced. The BB Hub is top-notch…..I use my Q10 for photos and love that I can take a photo and shutter speed is insanely fast….BB is still relevant in my opinion. I have people asking me asking me what phone they should get and when I ask them what they want it for, the MAJORITY of them say "to make calls…I don't care about games/apps…i just want a phone to make calls and text…". When I tell them to get a Blackberry 10 device they are in shock half the time…usually get the response "Blackberry? They are still around?"….my reply is "YES…and its my daily phone…its my preferred device….I have Windows Phone, I have Android…I have iOS….but in the end, if I had to chose one OS, it would be BB10

  3. I just ordered a blackberry Z10 stl100-3 I can't wait to use a z10 again I was working at T mobile when this bad boy came out and I was the ambassador for the q10 at the same time I love blackberries best phone ever to me I don't car what iPhone comes out or galaxy the blackberry was my very first phone my first phone love I would say lol keep the updates coming with the blackberries 

  4. and besides how many times do you hear about blackberries being hacked rapper drake recently made comments thats he carries one and often spotted carrying around in clubs a Q10 i recently bought a new one off a popular site for $114 unlocked gsm version i had the Verizon version in 2013 which i made the mistake of selling later regretfully and i dont care it doesn't have a gazillion apps like Android and Apple's ios because no serious minded business person has time to play candy crush saga anyways!!!

  5. Two years on and I still find the Z10 to be a very smooth device.  There are things I like about the Z10 that I simply haven't found in other devices, but namely referring to its security, the HUB, and its keyboard.  Although I draw upon other devices during daily use, my like for the Z10 has not diminished one bit.  +J. Williams  Also, you don't have to wait for OS 10.3 (+) to download the Amazon App Store…this feature was provided as a part of 10.2.1.  There's no sideloading, rooting, beta test, etc…to perform this download…it's simply a direct download as with 1Mobile Market and other app stores – check it out, it works just fine.  Glad to see you hauling out the Z10!

  6. you forgot to mention the unparalleled security of BlackBerry that they are known for ask the executives at the recent g8-10 summits who were spotted carrying both their new iphone 5s and 6 along with blackberries to show they were relevant but conducted most of their highest levels of business on their blackberries just ask the Goldman Sachs execs!!!

  7. Love the vid! I want to get a white one on amazon soon, sub $200 for a very awesome device. Is the battery life on it still good? Hope you get a classic and review it.

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