BlackBerry Z10 Review

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21 Comments on BlackBerry Z10 Review

  1. One of my all time favorite smartphones and the longest phone I have used (about 3 years), I had upgraded from the Motorola Photon 4G (still have both phones in a drawer).

    I used the Z10 until I upgraded to the Galaxy Note 5.

  2. Blackberry 10 is the best professional business phone by far, in fact its the only professional business phone!!!  The security features is what a blackberry is all about……People who are not too bothered about security, and are more concerned about game apps should stick to Apple Android and virus infested windows phones. theses phone are gaming consoles…………gaming consoles are for children !!
    Blackberry 10 all day any day by farrrrrr!

  3. When will the Z10 be upgraded to 10.3? I know Verizon takes forever to do anything. My HTC 8x I got tired of waiting so I signed up with the Microsoft App Studio for FREE using my Live account and installed the Developer Preview app. Now I have Windows Phone 8.1 with much better battery life, first time I got 2 days and 7 hours out of that tiny 1800mAh battery. At least with BB OS and Windows Phones you get much better battery life then any Android phone I ever used.

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