BlackBerry Z10 review – Top 10 features

Video is ready, Click Here to View × – BlackBerry’s latest smartphone the Z10, is proof that the Canadian manufacturers are back to their best. Join Rob as we whizz through 10 great features of the BlackBerry Z10 in action.

BlackBerry are back! The BlackBerry Z10 mobile phone is the latest full touchscreen smartphone from BlackBerry and offers a unique user experience thanks to the latest BlackBerry 10 operating system. Beautifully designed, the large 4.2 inch display provides a spacious layout which won’t cramp your style.

With the latest BB10 innovations, come several great features designed to keep you productive on the move. In the Z10, fluid software gels with the responsive 1.5GHz dual core processor to create a user experience that flows. BlackBerry Hub provides your one stop destination of emails, texts and social updates and can be accessed in a swipe from any application. The large on screen BlackBerry Keyboard learns your texting language and accurately predicts your next word which…

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  1. u can check what model u have go into settings then about and there are four models stl100-1 stl100-2 stl100-3 stl100-4 if u are on the stl100-1 trade it in for a stl100-3 since it hav a cheap processor and makes a lot of trouble

  2. I'm loving it, it runs smooth, the OS has gotten new updates in the last 6 months, all for the good. It's improving its app system, you can now install apps from Google play through a third party app. It's gaining some ground back and for sure is not DYING as some people might think or wish. 

  3. A Phone with an operating system that also runs space stations, nuclear power plants, las vegas gaming tables, auto infotainment systems, traffic control and secure bank transactions. Tres Cool.

  4. Have had mine about two weeks and love this thing. Get in touch with Blackberry and tell them to bombard the airwaves and net with new commercials for this thing. It is great. People would run to the Z10 if they knew about it and how great it is. Everybody that has seen mine loves it and a few have gone out and to buy it. Blackberry, you can send me my check in the mail………..Lol


  5. Hardware is overrated. If you have well written software, you don't need an octo core monster whatever to run it smoothly. You also don't need a big screen if you can easily output to any screen from your phone which I can from my Z

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