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BlackBerry Z10 review from Phones 4u. The BlackBerry Z10 is the new flagship from RIM that is a huge a departure in terms of design and features an overhaul of the BlackBerry software.

The Z10 features a stunning 4.2″ display alongside the new BlackBerry 10 operating system which is packed full of ace functionality such as BBM Video, Screen Share, BlackBerry Keyboard and BlackBerry Balance. Even the 8MP camera has innovation built right in thanks to its amazing Time Shift capabilities.

But can the BB Z10 get RIM back into the smartphone super league?

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40 Comments on BlackBerry Z10 Review – Phones 4u

  1. Hi Dan

    Thanks for getting in touch. Well, the Z10 is undoubtedly a really impressive device but it is worth bearing in mind that you might not get the same amount of apps as you currently get with the Motorola. However, the Z10 is still a phone at the very top of its game.

    Hope this answers your question.


    Dan N

  2. samsung galaxy is the same shit I dont really like android they copy everything from apple but apple apps are a lot better…. the z10 is a nice phone i used last week and I think I am getting one the keyboard is perfect the device is very fast…

  3. Hi there

    Sorry to hear that you are had such a bad experience with the BlackBerry Z10. I totally agree (and as I mentioned in the video), the battery life is just not good enough and the interface takes a bit of getting used to. Did you sort a new handset with us, or do you still require assistance?

    Please do let me know.


    Dan N

  4. I always loved BB for its qwertys and bbm but I had a many problems with my Z10, I no theres a bit of a learning curve but realised tasks were slower to do than on my previous androids/iphone. But the big problem was the phone kept freezing and the battery life was very poor, so bad that it wouldnt last half a day. I got the phone swapped for a new one and i started to get the hang of the interface, then suddenly it switched off and wouldn't turn back on. p4u let me change the phone. thanks

  5. Hi there

    Thanks for getting in touch. We are also really excited about the Q10, but as yet we have not seen an official date of availability. But stay tuned to the Phones 4u news and community page where we will have the all the latest news as soon as it happens.


    Dan N

  6. A little off topic….but do you know when the Q10 will be available in the uk? I desperately need an upgrade from my Bold 9000 and I can't decide whether I should go ahead and buy the Z10 or wait (if the wait is not that long)…..

  7. Hi Shiv, thanks for your question.
    It’s completely down to your personal preference really, which probably doesn’t help too much. Whilst we’re yet to see a great deal on the BlackBerry Q10, we’re big fans of the Z10 and really like the whole user interface. So, if it was up to us, we’d probably go for the Z10. But, of course, it’s completely down to you. Hope this helps.
    Dan G

  8. Hi there
    We do indeed have a review on the Sony Xperia Z! Just search our YouTube channel for ‘Sony Xperia Z review’ and it should be the top result.
    Dan N

  9. Hi there

    Thanks for your question. Apologies for my voice, but it does come in very handy if you are struggling to get to sleep at night!

    Hope you enjoyed the review anyway.


    Dan N

  10. I just cant ever ever go back to blackberry after having to replace my last touch screen torch 4 times in 16 months. Its broke again. I just cant do it lol

  11. he is just trolling. he never actually had the phone. anyone who bought the phone on launch or very close to it would be a fan of BB and would instantly love it.

  12. Hi there

    Thanks for getting in touch. Settings for the device can be reached by simply heading into the menu screen and scrolling through then tapping the Settings icon. It might also be worth checking that the apps have not had early software updates, as BlackBerry 10 is a new platform there is likely to be a few teething problems that will be ironed out early on.

    Hope this helps!


    Dan N

  13. Hi there fellomen

    Thanks for your comment, sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the Z10. What was it exactly you didn’t like about the device? Obviously, as you can see from the review I am a fan of the phone, but I always like to hear different opinions of what people think. I think particularly with the Z10 it is a bit of a love it or hate it device and we seem to fall either side of the fence!


    Dan N

  14. Hi there Reece
    Thanks for getting in touch. Here at Phones 4u we have a range of different contract options for the BlackBerry Z10 starting at £33 per month on Vodafone. Head over to the Phones 4u website for more details.
    Dan N

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