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One cannot overstate the importance of this phone. This, the BlackBerry Z10, is the device upon which the fate of BlackBerry (formerly Research in Motion) hangs.
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48 Comments on BlackBerry Z10 review | Engadget

  1. Blackberry should run Android but have its own version just like Samsung and HTC do. So they can still have the Hub and then they could have good app support from the Play Store.

  2. apps apps apps, talking about 800k + apps for ios or android, who woudl even need those?? the most essential apps are brownsers, facebook, youtube, maps, gps, mediaplayers, other navigations, news, phone status apps, essentials on windows phone… game or minor importance apps will just a wrong phone choice

  3. The z10 looks great.i am just curious if this blackberry has the banking apps that you can download to mobile banking? or if tbis compatible with chatting online with online businesses? Also does this have the capiability to skype. I am currently using the blackberry playbook and its has no compatiabilty with apps at all. Anyone want to give input if this works? I have to carry an extra device to get things down. What blackberry cannot do i use an iphone to get it done.

  4. as long as it has twitter Facebook and youtube. I'm good. don't need all those other apps . they'll just drain my battery anyways. and the best thing about blackberry is there strength and longevity is amazing! hopefully that goes to this phone as well

  5. One of the best decision regarding smart phones was to move from BB to iPhone, about 2 years ago, after the big disappointment with Storm 1; I bought an iPod touch just to test the apps and found by myself some why ppl say "there's an app for that"

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