BlackBerry Z10 Review

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The BlackBerry Z10 isn’t just another new smartphone. It’s a symbol of redemption, the net result of the efforts of thousands working to salvage one of the most famous brands in the history of mobile technology. For the first time in years, “the new BlackBerry” isn’t just some repackaged business phone; it’s an iconic flagship on which rests the fate of the company that now shares its name.

“We had to make a serious decision,” BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins said at the coming-out party for its new smartphones; “adopt someone else’s platform, or build a new one from the ground up. We decided to go it alone.”

It’s that stubborn defiance, that refusal to surrender in the face of tremendous odds, that characterizes the reborn smartphone maker. The stakes couldn’t be higher for BlackBerry, and the company finally seems to realize that. That’s reflected in its new high-end smartphone: from its revised physical design to its built-from-scratch BB10 platform, the Z10 is as much a breath of…

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  1. Do you have an updated review on the Z10? Now that many of the bugs have been fixed, and the added instant notifications, I think the Z10 deserves a better review than this video.

  2. I think this comment was unnessesary and you missed an important thing.
    Out of the 70k apps at launch, maybe fewer than 100 were worthwhile/usable. The rest were poorly done ports, most of which had buttons within the app that weren't even displayed on the screen.
    Number of apps means very little. Number of quality apps means a lot more.

  3. I think some comments were unnecessary and you missed a couple of important things.

    Now, it's been only 37 days since launch, in that time, 30,000 apps have being added, that's about 810 added daily, and they've also release an OS update already which has improved the battery life and camera quality.

    There have been like 5 "Must have" apps already announced for this month (Skype, Tango, Vibe, Instagram, BB travel, VIKI, Kindle, etc.) and still coming.

    Hope you do another review later !

  4. I made it clear that in terms of hardware (dual core vs quad core), extra cost of money, and contracts that the Z10 doesn't seem worth it.

    Now if the user experience of the operating system alone is able to manage to make up for all such differences, then I'd reconsider. However given it's not likely, especially when this video says it's a little buggy, I'm going to knock it.

    If you don't value hardware, money, contracts, and such. By all means buy it for something like it's name brand then.

  5. we don't think that anything in the Z10 stands out as class-leading. the BB10 OS does have a lot of charm but the app selection is poor and the gestures here aren't so good that they make up for that major shortcoming

  6. I liked this review very accurate and neutral. I watched the other reviews from the verge, they stated they were reviewing just the OS, and the hardware was not relevant and technobufalo, you can tell this guy is a blackberry fanboys. Good Job!

  7. Can you do a review (comparison) of the following for Z10:-
    – When downloading an app from appworld of BB, how long does it take?
    – opening photos form photo album, how long does it take?
    – deleting an app, how long does it take?
    – boot time, how long does it take.
    – browser speed time and white spots.
    If you could do review of above points with Andriod and IOS will be great. These are main issues with BB 7.

  8. Yes, or $350 for 2 years or $600 no contract….this versus the Nexus 4 (comparable 16gb model) of $360 no contract. All Canadian prices listed. That $221 "savings" on the 3 year contract for $139 is most likely not a savings if you factor in how much more you'll have to pay long term and the fact that you're "locked in" for 3 years.

    Doesn't seem worth it.

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