Blackberry Z10 Review

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Joshua Topolsky looks at the Blackberry Z10, RIM’s first Blackberry 10 smartphone. More from The Verge:


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22 Comments on Blackberry Z10 Review

  1. The information on this video is out of date. With all the OS updates, and now 10.2.1 that can download, install, and even update Android apps directly from the phone, changes everything. Were also not talking Android 2.3. We're talking Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean support in the new emulator. Pretty much all the Android apps, with the exception of those that have functions like widgets and animated wall papers etc, that BlackBerry 10 does not support, work very well, and very smoothly.

  2. This nub is just a blackberry hater because the way it works with swype stuff and the hub is just better then android and IOS …  and at android alot apps are lagging if u scroll like Facebook even on the s4 it lags

  3. You swipe up from the bezel to go the home screen. In temple run you jump by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, not from the bezel, so that doesn't matter.

  4. I've had this phone for 3 weeks. The battery in my opinion is better than most smart phones, however, its the most annoying crap I've ever purchased. As for apps I wouldn't even give it 1/10. I'm gonna sell mine at a big loss and feel for the poor bastard that buys it

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