BlackBerry Z10 Review

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Is the BlackBerry Z10 enticing enough to make you want to switch from your Android or iOS device? At less than $300, it’s quite affordable, but what do you get for the money? Read our full review:


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18 Comments on BlackBerry Z10 Review

  1. on my opinion is the blackberry have a very elegant style but I'm just scared to buy them because lot of people keep complaining about the blackberry..~~

  2. Is it worth getting this phone as opposed to Iphone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S5? Most arguments against it that I've heard are simply, "it's blackberry"

  3. I'm not entirely sure where you guys are getting the idea that the phone take 20-30 minutes to turn back on after he battery has been depleted, but my Z10 turns back on within a minute of being plugged back in, and my start-up screen lasts about a minute as well. Definitely NOT 20-30 minutes. And this is after over a year of use with my phone. Aside from that I think the review was great in terms of showing how the phone preforms, and I only wish you guys would have actually reviewed the phone within a month or two of being released.

  4. Not too bad, not enough to save the company though. My main question is have they updated their security? They sucked for that in the past, with passwords being saved as plain text. (also the reviewer's accent is cute, she said jigga bite.) 

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