Blackberry Z10 Review

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Blackberry Z10 Review

We’ve had BlackBerry’s brand new BlackBerry Z10 handset for the better part of two weeks now. We wanted to put it through its paces as much as possible because, let’s face it: BlackBerry put a ton of work into the new operating system, even delaying it a year, and it’s the first time that we’ve had a chance to use a completely new mobile OS since Windows Phone made its a debut a few years ago. There’s a lot to love about the BlackBerry Z10, but there are also two huge elephants in the room: iOS and Android. BlackBerry 10 needs to be an answer to both mobile operating systems if the company hopes to regain its lost market share, especially among consumers and the ever growing bring-your-own-device enterprise model. Is the BlackBerry Z10 an answer? That, my friends, is what we’ll address in this review. More:

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29 Comments on Blackberry Z10 Review

  1. i am using bb z10 from last 5 months, but yesterday it got just dead. i don'tknow how..?     
    It's not turning on. no red light blinking. i don't know what happened… please if anyone has a solution do reply..

  2. The worst 'smartphone' I have ever owned. I cannot wait to be rid of it. It's heavy. It dials 911 constantly while in your pocket. Boot time is the longest I've ever seen. And if you use this with Enterprise Blackberry look out. Nothing but pain and heartache ahead. It has this useless 'personal space' vs. 'work space' dividing wall between your work email and all other apps it says are 'work' apps and everything else it calls 'personal' workspace. And never shall the two meet to make life easy for you. And to get to the 'work space' you have to enter an additional 'strong' password. And at any time it will say 'work space' password expired please enter a new one. And you cannot even check mail without entering a new 'strong password' on the spot. And you better remember it or it will wipe everything off your 'work space' and you will have to go through your work administrator to reset it all. And this 'work space' password has to have upper and lower case characters, numbers and a national character. Better keep them lined up in advance.
    The apps are clugy and sparse. By far the worst ever phone and I've had 3 Androids and 4 iPhones. Buyer beware.

  3. Since the new updates in os, this phone worth it with a lot of the apps becoming native as well as option to run the android counterparts, and about to get better this fall as the new os coming out.

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