BlackBerry Z10 – Complete Review & Demo

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From the phone specs and overview, to a TV and PC test, we go through everything you need to know about BlackBerry’s Z10!

****Navigation Guide****
Startup @0:40
Hardware @1:10
Unlocking Phone @3:18
Accessing Camera when Locked @3:34
Screen Border @4:00
Homescreen & Icons @4:45
Maps & YouTube Preload @5:10
Voicedial Preview @5:17
Back to the UI Damnit! @5:41
Email works on WiFi! @6:10
Recently Run Tiles/Boxes @6:26
Apps Change Tile Preview Image (like widgets) @6:40
Installing Software Updates @7:35
BlackBerry HUB, Messages, Email, BBM @8:20
BlackBerry “Peek” @ 8:45
How Emails Look @8:54
Contacts & Calling @9:18
Calendar @10:28
Browser @ 10:40
Browser has Flash! @11:00
UI Responsiveness @12:05
Keyboard @12:45
YouTube @13:56
Music Test @14:49
Music/Audio Control and UI @15:05
TV HDMI Out Test (media, gaming, video, audio) @15:56
BlackBerry Link Desktop Software @18:35
Automated WiFi Content Control Setup @19:44
Camera and TimeShift @20:53
Camera Flash @22:15
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30 Comments on BlackBerry Z10 – Complete Review & Demo

  1. I Am thinking to buy this phone and seeing reviews since a month but this review is the most complete out there !! and probably with the new updates The device has just got better surely going to buy this now !!

  2. One of the best phones on the market but it is highly under rated. BB just got bad press and has a terrible marketing dept, but this phone is fantastic. Have had mine a year and it has been solid as a rock, great batt. life, great camera, best keyboard, looks fantastic and classy and over the past year you can get just about all the apps you need. Everybody asks me what it is and when I tell them, they all say the same thing….."BLACKBERRY"??
     I love it. Oh, and it has a great price too. 

  3. I love this phone and I'm going to buy one soon. The only drawback that this phone has versus the older blackberry devices is the lack of the auto dim screen brightness that the older devices could do through the use of the ambient light sensor which apparently the Z10 doesn't have. That can be a problem at night cause if you use the bedside mode feature it can be quite bright in a completely dark room. However, I noticed that they made the bedside clock hands and dial in a dark orange so that might be ok at night. Regardless of that, kickass device. 

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