BlackBerry Z10 better than a Moto X? New phones added – OSR

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Cam rounds up last week’s Official Smartphone Rankings highlights. The BlackBerry Z10 continues to get a steady handful of votes, while the Moto X only manages half the number. Experts and readers alike continue to love the M8.

This week also sees the introduction of the Kyocera Hydra Icon and HTC One mini 2. Two new mid to low-end phones. Will either grab the attention of our OSR voters.

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36 Comments on BlackBerry Z10 better than a Moto X? New phones added – OSR

  1. jajajaja ppl saying that android suckz, touchwiz suchz but looks great as fuck, but stock android is the most fluid os in the market with ios, and the apps are made by the phone company, if u dont like it u find another app, but its the same with appl if u dont like an app u change it

  2. iPhone 6 will probably overtake the htc one m8 when it comes out. I still really like my nexus 5 and hoping to see a nexus 6 later this year. 

  3. Have an iPhone 5, Nexus 4 and a Z10.
    The Z10 wins for me. Especially now that Amazon is coming to BlackBerry.
    Most of all the UI trumps the others.

  4. If the g3 was 5 inch and had front facing speakers, I'd agree with you. Can't go back after listening to BoomSound front facing speakers. Anything bigger than 5 inches is on phablet territory .. too big for my liking.

  5. Seems like the iphone gets a lot of hate. And people act like it is such a bad phone. But in reality it is a great phone. It may not have the best specs but who cares. But i can garuntee you that the iphone 5s is more fluid and can out perform other top of the line phones. It always has. I just dont understand all the hate on it tbh. 

  6. I'm going for the LG G3. I've had the HTC Droid DNA for a year and a half. The o.s. , speed, features ect. Are excellent on it. They are excellent on the m7 and m8 as well. I just wana try something different. 

  7. Why would Z10 get votes (even if it's from the same 12 people) over the BlackBerry Z30? The Z30 has specs that give even the HTC One a run for its money, so basically a bigger and better Z10

  8. Yes BlackBerry z10 is something special, gesture phone is the future and BlackBerry execute it perfectly 🙂
    As for apps, u asked yourself what u want because for me I don't use apps for my daily uses maybe just some instagram and twitter that's all
    I can do games on ps4….Hell yeah 😀 

  9. I am a human, not a robot. I like choice, this is why I don't like the whole Apple thing, you have to like what you get other wise you have no choice. (except for now finally with the keyboards) 

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